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The Chamber of Commerce and You

The Chamber of Commerce and You

| April 22, 2019
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How the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce Benefits the County

When Adam Anderson sits with his clients, he sees more than the numbers in their accounts. He sees their hopes, goals, and dreams—and he cares about helping his clients achieve them. When sitting with his clients, Adam sees people, not numbers, and he understands that a healthy, prosperous community plays a role in helping his clients reach their goals. This commitment to his clients and community has spurred Adam’s involvement in the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce.

Adam Anderson, VP of the Chamber of Commerce

Earlier this year, Adam was sworn in as Vice President on the EDC Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. That night, the new president, Gordon Helm, urged chamber members to focus on one thing: relevance. Helm’s counsel was that members be sure their business efforts lead to relevant contributions to the community. The business endeavors of chamber members should enrich the lives of community members and strengthen the community at large. This is a principle that has guided Adam for many years, so it was a fitting message on that special night when he was sworn in as Vice President.

The Role of a Chamber of Commerce

Adam is a strong believer in the value of the Chamber of Commerce to El Dorado County and its people. Sometimes people are familiar with the term, chamber of commerce, but not so familiar with what exactly a chamber of commerce is or does. No two chambers are exactly alike, but in general, a chamber of commerce is an organization of businesses that come together to promote their collective interests while advancing the local community, too. Strong businesses and a strong economy encourage growth and strong communities. A chamber of commerce does not make laws or regulations, although they can sometimes influence those who do.

A chamber of commerce operates with voluntary membership and community businesses are not required to participate. Membership benefits will vary from chamber to chamber, but benefits commonly include networking opportunities, personal and professional development, and business resources. They often offer benefits and resources to the community, too. You can find community resources and membership benefits on the EDC Chamber’s website.

The Chamber of Commerce Strengthens the Community

The El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce places a strong focus on strengthening the community and its citizens. The mission of the Chamber is to advocate and promote a strong, healthy, and diverse business community to preserve the quality of life in El Dorado County. Just as Adam cares about his clients, the EDC Chamber of Commerce cares about the quality of life of the people living in the community served by their businesses. There is strength in numbers, and as chamber members work together, they are able to draw on the strengths, knowledge, and expertise of a variety of people and businesses to accomplish great things for the community. The Chamber is more than the sum of its parts, and its purpose is to serve the community as a whole.

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