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Welcome Blake Anderson!

Welcome Blake Anderson!

| March 26, 2019
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Spring is often a season of growth and change. That is certainly true at WealthGuard Advisors. We are happy to announce that our team will be growing this spring!


In April, we will be welcoming Blake Anderson to our staff. He is no stranger to WealthGuard. In fact, as he is the son of Adam and Angela Anderson, he is family. Blake will graduate from Brigham Young University in April 2019 with a degree in economics and minors in both mathematics and Korean. With his academic training, Blake brings important knowledge and an additional perspective to our team as we work to offer the best service we can to our clients.

The Big Picture

The addition of Blake is good news for the WealthGuard staff and our clients. But on a broader scale, it is also good news for El Dorado County. Blake, a graduate of El Dorado High School, is an EDC native returning home.


Every individual and population demographic has something unique to offer the community. In recent years, many members of our county have recognized a need for young adults to move into the area. It has been a point of discussion for the Chamber of Commerce. Some local businesses and organizations have made specific efforts to encourage young adults who left to pursue education and training to return home.

The Future

Many have said that youth are our future. This is true in many senses. They are the future business owners, educators, volunteers, and leaders that keep a community running. Young people often bring new and fresh ideas to address old problems. They have the potential to bring growth to the population as they settle to raise families, which in turn brings growth to the economy. Without the younger generations sticking around or moving back, a community will struggle to survive.


Young adults returning to their hometown can play an especially unique role in their community. In addition to bringing new ideas and growth, they come with roots running deep in the community. Unlike someone unfamiliar with the area, those returning already have a tie and connection to El Dorado County. They feel invested in the community upon arrival.


As members of the WealthGuard Advisors, Inc. team, we are pleased to have Blake Anderson join us. As members of the El Dorado County community, we are thrilled to welcome Blake and his wife Beth home!

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